The Collection

Animal Profiles

The Mason Wildlife Exhibit houses over 60 taxidermy animals. Here are spotlights on just some of them, where you can read all about each animal’s ecology, including their range, life cycles, physical and behavioral traits, and even some fun facts.

Cover image  thanks to Richard Lee on Unsplash.

Animal Profiles

Barren-ground Caribou

Learn all about the caribou and how this iconic arctic animal is affected by climate change.

Bear Lake Cutthroat

This trout can only be found in Bear Lake on the Utah-Idaho border. But you can also see it in the exhibit!

Deer of North America

Deer are the most abundant big game animal in North America. Here you can learn how to tell a deer by its tail.

Arctic Grayling

The arctic grayling is a beautiful, cold-loving fish. Can you believe it snacks on lemmings?

Alaska Moose

The Alaska Moose appears a bit awkward — until you’re standing below his antlers!


These animals are a species with great cultural significance. And they’re a lot larger than you think.

More animal profiles coming soon…